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Rent A Carpet Cleaner

Carpets are an extremely popular type of flooring for good reason. They are comfortable, warm to walk on, and they provide a welcoming, cozy feeling for your family and pets. Sometimes however, routine vacuuming is not enough.

Hurricane Preparation Tips

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Did you know that 87 million people live in coastline counties? That is 29% of the U. population, not to mention the effects everyone will feel who live further inlandS Make sure to be prepared when it comes to these natural disasters.

10 Tips for Flower Arranging

Here are a few tips to help make working flowers easier. These ideas will help your flowers last longer, look better, cost less and most importantly save you time.1. Forget About the RulesYou can read dozens of books on floral arranging, but you’re the only one who knows what will be pleasing to your eye.