Removing A Wall to Make An Open Layout

Removing A Wall to Make An Open Layout

Ever walk around your home and feel like the walls are closing in? Maybe you didn’t anticipate the furniture taking up so much space or there was a new addition to the family and it’s time to open things up to make more room. Open layouts are a popular trend among new homeowners because they connect spaces, bring in more light, and create better flow within your home.

There are many reasons you might want to remove a wall or two in your home, but knowing how is the key to success. Having a wall removed professionally can cost upwards of five thousand dollars. Depending on the wall it will be easier and more affordable to do it yourself. Before doing any demolition, it’s important to understand and decide which walls to remove. There are two major types of walls within a home: load-bearing and non load-bearing. For DIY purposes, stick to only removing non load bearing walls Taking down load-bearing walls are difficult and require a professional as you don’t want to remove a wall that supports the structural integrity of your home without implementing the correct engineering. If the wall is not load bearing and there are not a lot plumbing pipes or electrical wires to reroute then have at it.  Use a A/C voltage detector to detect hidden electric in walls and make sure to turn off the proper breakers and the water if needed. Once you’ve prepped and you understand what’s beneath the wall itself and its positioning within your home you’re ready to start removing walls. Whip out the hammers, saws, and pry bars to get the job done. Be mindful of challenges that might pop up along the way such as moving outlets, rerouting thermostats, and dealing with gaps in the floor and ceiling. Also consider how you plan to patch the drywall on the exterior walls and ceiling where the wall used to be. These are all common objections to removing a wall to make an open layout, but not by any means a deal breaker to completing your project. Once the wall is removed, it’s time to start adding all of the finishing touches. For most wall removal projects that are not load-bearing, the time it takes to remove the wall can be completed in under four hours. What may take an extra couple of weeks is putting the finishing touches on the project. This may go back to the reason why you removed the wall in the first place. If you’re end goal was to raise the ceilings, remodel staircases, or install built-ins like cabinetry or bookcases it requires some fine tuning before it’s all said and done.

Repurposing areas of your home can be a challenge without preparation and general knowledge of construction. Take time to learn about the layout of your home before removing any wall to make an open layout. Don’t hesitate to rent tools from your local hardware store and seek professional advice when uncertain. Removing walls is no small feat, but once you see the end result, I guarantee you’ll be happy to have a brighter and more open home.