Product Catalog

Rent a mobile refrigeration unit from Taylor Rental of Tampa! Keep those food items and drink items chilled while you transport them to your next destination.

Non-insulated heater proofer cabinet is ideal for all your food holding and proofing needs. Constructed of non-corrosive aluminum throughout the cabinet that allows you to hold prepared foods at proper serving temperatures for extended periods of time.  The air baffle and circulating air blower provide even heat distribution throughout the cabinet.  A removable control drawer with LED thermostat gives you complete control over the operating temperature and humidity range and doesn’t require opening the door to use.  

  • Manufacturer: Rubbermaid

Durable, heavy-duty containers for a variety of uses. Built-in handles allow easy, non-slip lifting and anti-jam nesting. Strong, snap-on lids are available for secure, stable stacking.

Having a grand opening event or just a special event? Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay has those big ceremonial scissors you're looking for!

It's time to celebrate her Quineañera! Rent this special chair for her to sit upon during her special party.

This ivory fruit / salad bowl has a wide rim and gold bands. The bowl is the perfect size to serve appetizers at an upscale event or wedding.

This Ivory & Gold cup is perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other beverages. It will coordinate perfectly with any décor or setting, letting the food take center stage at your event.

  • Model Number: PC600N

• Cateraide™ quality construction
• Insulated to maintain correct serving temperatures
• Individual track for each food pan
• PC600N has twice the capacity ten 2.5" deep pans
• PC600N's separate compartments enable you to put hot food in one; cold in the other (see below for food pan combinations)
• Keeps food hot / cold for 4 - 6 hours
• Included 4 non-marking casters; 2 swivel ( 1 non-locking and 1 locking

Pan racks are perfect for storing a variety of goods throughout the cooking and preparation process, including cookies, pastries, breads and more.

Sheet pans not included. Sheet pans rented separately.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey

The Libbey 8 oz. irish coffee mug is perfect for serving hot chocolate, lattes, mulled cider, and other premium hot drinks with memorable flair! Its unique shape, featuring a wide base with a short stem and a tiny handle, is great for showcasing your signature beverages. The crystal clear glass construction provides a great view of your beverages from all sides, making it an appealing alternative to traditional china mugs that only show the tops of your drinks. 

  • Manufacturer: PS Furniture
  • Model Number: PFB-4

The ultimate portable beverage service; Wilsonart® high-pressure laminate surface; Durable plywood panels with Vinyl Edging; Generous storage space.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

If you're looking for the perfect candelabra for a Quinceañera (15 year) or a Sweet 16 Candelabra, we have the perfect candelabra for your special occasion. The middle post is optional, so it can be used as a 15 light heart candelabra or a 16-light heart candelabra.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

This is a great looking backdrop that will easily fit two people under it.  Also available in white.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

A Koch Originals classic, our 15 light fan candelabra has been a backdrop to thousands of weddings and events. It is the centerpiece of a background and provides stunning light to set off your design.  Available in white, brass or nickel. 

Rotating Mirror Ball with 2 spotlights. Fun for parties and events.

Propane griddle dimensions: 20" wide x 36'.
Event Portable Griddles: 1/4" thick steel griddle surface welded to a one-piece frame. HIGH COOKING CAPACITY: Great for school fundraiser,pancake sales and parties.
Propane not included. Propane rented separately.

Perfect for your banquet, buffet, or catered event.  Provide your guests superior service with our 6 quart round decorative chafer.  Showcase your foods in style!

Add a touch of elegance and class to your wedding, party or special event. 

Perfect for your banquet, buffet, or catered event.  Provide your guests superior service with our 8 quart decorative chafer.  Showcase your foods in style 

  • Manufacturer: Exclusively Expo
  • Model Number: FRO999096

Velour rope for use in crowd control.

Note: We carry mostly red velvet and some black.