Product Info

 Kwik-Trench Earth Saw 8.0 Honda

  • Manufacturer: Little Beaver

Little Beaver / Kwik-Trench Earth Saws are designed to cut narrow trenches for sprinklers, low voltage lighting, dog fence, and surface root pruning.  Often refered to as slit trencher, mini trencher, or disc trencher. This 8.0 trencher digs 3" by 10" and is available for you to rent at Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay.

Rental Rates
  • 4 Hour

    **Plus applicable taxes and fees

  • 24 Hour

    **Plus applicable taxes and fees *Call for multiple day rental pricing

• All Steel construction with comfort grip handles for operator comfort. Easy reach height adjustment handle to raise and lower to the desired depth. Pushes forward for better control and maneuverability. Features:
• Carbide tip steel teeth
• Built in slip clutch to prevent drivetrain damage
• Trench depth gauge
• Triple V belt drive