Product Info

CS1 Pavement Saw - 14" Guard

  • Manufacturer: Stone Construction, Inc.

CS1 Pavement Saw is a walk-behind, gas-powered concrete and/or pavement saw. This push saw cuts through the toughest jobs. Ideal for the professional contractor who is engaged in concrete and asphalt flat sawing to depths of up to 4 5/8". (Uses Diamond Saw Blades)

Rental Rates
  • 24 Hour

    **Plus applicable taxes and fees *Call for multiple day rental pricing

 * 14" Guard * Push drive * Cut depth up to 4 5/8" with 14" blade *Front cutting guide * Combination of weight, wide wheelbase balance and a vibration absorbing frame contribute to superior productivity. * Ergonomically designed adjustable handles with padded handgrips and control bar. * Vibration reducing all steel box frame that’s precision welded to prevent twisting. * Precision machined * Easy to remove, heavy-duty blade guard is contoured to reduce slurry build up. *