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  • Customer Setup Tents at Our Plant City & Lakeland Locations

    Taylor Rental of Plant City and Taylor Rental of Lakeland rent customer setup tents in two sizes:

    20' x 20' which will seat roughly 40 people & 20' x 30' which will seat roughly 60 people.

    These tents are great for a backyard birthday, graduation or barbeque! Easy to setup in as little as 45-60 minutes. 

    20' x 20' rents for $103.68 (tax included in price) for the whole weekend

    20' x 30' rents for $144.36 (tax included in price) for the whole weekend

    Rental Rates: Weekend: $103.68 Weekend: $144.36
    (Some restrictions may apply. Click here for more detail.)
  • Kinetic Liner Water Ram

    Manufacturer: General Pipe Cleaners

    There's a compact, light weight tool for quickly opening clogged sinks, toilets and tubs. It handles rust, grease, sediment, and scale in lines up through 4" in diameter. The Kinetic Water Ram uses a burst of compressed air that drives a shock wave (kinetic energy) through water to break up stoppage. It's particularly useful when the stoppage is on the far side of a drum trap or series of tight bends, since the shock wave can travel around bends without losing its force.

    Rental Rates: 24 Hours: $17.75
    (Some restrictions may apply. Click here for more detail.)
  • Post Jacks

    Need to correct any beams or sagging floors and decks? Stop by Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay and rent a Post Jack today!

    Rental Rates: 24 Hours: $12.29
    (Some restrictions may apply. Click here for more detail.)
  • Wedding Arch

    Rent this Wedding Arch from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay! You'll not only save money by renting one with us, you'll also add to the beautiful decor you have prepared! Add flowers or linens to complete your look.

    Rental Rates: 24 Hours: $48.56
  • John Deere Z920M 54" Zero-Turn Mower

    Manufacturer: John Deere Model: Z920M

    When you've got a lot to manage, you don't have a lot of time for babysitting fussy, hard-to-maintain mowers. You need equipment that's rugged and dependable; zeo-turn mowers that are efficient out in the field and easy to manage back in the garage. Rent this 54" Zeo-Turn Mower today from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay.

    Rental Rates: 24 Hours: $150.12
    (Some restrictions may apply. Click here for more detail.)
  • Garret Metal Detector

    Manufacturer: Garrett Metal Detectors Model: Ace 100

    Garrett Metal Detector features excellent detection depth, rugged design, and ease of operation. Whether you're hunting for buried treasure, locating buried property markers, or pipes, this Garrett brand detector is an affordable, easy to operate unit that finds items in no time. Offers full-range target discrimination that gives you the freedom to hunt in an all-metal mode, eliminate the objects of your choice from detection or to concentrate on detecting specific items, such as coins, jewelry and other valuables.

    Rental Rates: 24 Hours: $21.84
  • 18" Vibratory Plate

    Manufacturer: Wacker Neuson Model: VP1135

    The VP-Value Plate series provide a simple, proven design and high quality construction. With a variety of sizes and features available, there is a VP plate for any confined area soil compaction job. Water tank models provide for excellent results on hot and cold asphalt. The guide handle with vibration damping means longer working hours and less fatigue for the operator.

    Rental Rates: 4 Hours: $56.30 24 Hours: $75.06
  • Outdoor Patio Heater

    These Florida nights may be chilly, but have no fear! Taylor Rental Tampa Bay has you covered. Rent one of our stainless steel finish outdoor patio heaters to keep you and your party nice and toasty.

    Rental Rates: Day: $57.20
  • Bandit 9-Inch Disc Chipper

    Manufacturer: Bandit Industries Model: M90XP

    Built tough like our popular 12" Model 150XP, and with the same powerful dual feed wheel system. The Model 90XP has a wide 17" chipper opening that can process multiple branches as well as large pieces up to 9" in diameter. This is a very popular model in the rental industry!

    Please call for pricing

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Compact Frusheez,  Frozen Single Drink Machine

    Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co. Model: 1116

    This compact-size model uses less electricity than traditional frozen drink machines and feature simple controls and spill protectors. With 1.5gal bowls, it is the lightweight work-horses of the entire slush machine line.

    Rental Rates: Day: $75.00
  • Urquid Linen Highboy Spandex Tablecloths

    Urquid Linen's Spandex Highboy Tablecloth fits a 30" round x 42" highboy table. It's reinforced with elastic foot pockets to ensure it stays in place. This product is machine washable, great for multiple uses and is made in the USA. Available in red, white and black.

    Rental Rates: Day: $15.00
  • DeWalt 40lb. Demolition Hammer

    Manufacturer: DeWalt

    Our new DeWalt 40 lb. demolition hammer is mounted on an upright cart. This set up makes easy work of removing tile and thinset. This ergonomically correct devise takes the strain out of taking up tile and thinset. Handle can be adjusted  for comfort and easy transport. Uses 110V outlet.

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Husqvarna 226HD60S Hedge Trimmer

    Manufacturer: Husqvarna Model: 226HD60S

    The Husqvarna 226HD60S is an exceptionally well-balanced and rugged double cutting edge hedge trimmer with X-Torq® engine. The robust design leads to long product life during tough use.

    Rental Rates: 2 Hours: $18.31 4 Hours: $36.61
  • Husqvarna 327HE4x Hedge Trimmer

    Manufacturer: Husqvarna Model: 327HE4x

    A professional pole hedge trimmer with an articulating cutter bar. Adjustable cutting bar for greater versatility and less stress on the operator. Including the operator, the machine's maximum reach is approximately 13 feet. 

    Rental Rates: 4 Hours: $47.59
  • Wacker Neuson Light Tower

    Manufacturer: Wacker Neuson Model: LTC4

    Trailer-mounted light towers offer various power options up to 20 kW with a wide track width and heavy duty steel frame.

    Rental Rates: Day: $125.00 Week: $500.00
  • Kubota U25S Mini Excavator

    Manufacturer: Kubota Model: U25S

    The U25S’s large bucket capacity, excellent reach and digging depth, give it the ability to perform a wide range of digging jobs with maximum efficiency and speed. The best mini excavator one can rent from Taylor Rental Tampa Bay!

    Rental Rates: Day: $194.48
  • Ryan 18" Sod Cutter Jr

    Manufacturer: Ryan Model: 544954C

    The Ryan Jr Sod Cutter has a 18 cutting width and weighs in at 356 pounds. This unit features a 163 cc Honda Engine.

    Rental Rates: Day: $74.36
  • Stardust Fountain

    Manufacturer: Pontrelli Fountain Co.

    The Stardust Fountain is our most popular and elaborate fountain. Includes a tower with chains, a decorated collar and a tulip. The beverage travels up to the top, comes out the tulip, trickles down the chains, and out of the nozzles into the bowl. The Stardust Fountain is available in three different sizes - 3 gallon, 5 gallon, and 7 gallon. It is also offered in Nickel, Gold, or Antique decorations. 

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Bar Chair in Black

    This elegant yet comfortable bar chair is perfect for any formal or casual event. It combines comfort, class, and style. It has a solid steel chrome frame, which offers great bar seating and support for every guest. Rent yours today!

    Rental Rates: Day: $14.50
  • Serving Tray Stand

    Model: 17366

    Tray Stands offer sturdy metal or wooden frames with washable webbing.

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Cambro® Camtread® Oval Bus Tray 

    Even when wet, the non-slip surface of the Cambro® Camtread® bus tray "grips" onto glasses and dishes to reduce costly breakage and spills.

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Metro® C5™ 1 Series Non-Insulated Heated Holding & Proofing

    Designed to deliver reliable performance in a tried and true design. 1 Series comes with the choice of combination holding and proofing, holding, or proofing control modules.

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Southern Style Towable BBQ Grill By Holstein Manufacturing

    Model: 4828
    • Grilling area is  72" long and 36" wide
    • Spring assist to open the grill lid
    • 3 burners
    • Propane (extra charge)

    You can rent this Southern Style BBQ Grill right from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay! Since it's towable, you can easily move it from the store to your party destination. Perfect for outdoor summer nights, company picnics and more.

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • 6 ft Single Door Charcoal Towable Grill

    Manufacturer: Big John Grills & Rotisseries Model: 6SDG

    Single Door Charcoal Grills are wood or charcoal fired. Rugged construction standard features include a Croft adjustable hitch, running lights, fenders and the slide out ash pan for easy fuel loading.

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Chateau Flatware

    Manufacturer: Oneida

    A Sentimental Standard. Amorous and pristine, Chateau is embossed with floral embellishments that creep along the handle's edge, ending at the finely tapered narrow point. With its fiddleback contour and finely balanced composition, Chateau is a timeless pattern.

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.