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Hurricane Preparation Tips

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Did you know that 87 million people live in coastline counties? That is 29% of the U. population, not to mention the effects everyone will feel who live further inlandS Make sure to be prepared when it comes to these natural disasters.

Coffee Brewing Chart

At your next big get-together, block party, birthday bash or fundraising function make sure that you rent large coffeepots! These will really come in handy when everyone wants a cup of coffee, trust us, your 12-cup capacity coffeepot simply won't make it. Remember -- Always start with cold water! This article is owned by Read More Coffee Brewing Chart

How to Choose a Caterer

When you are confronted with the challenge of choosing a caterer it is good to have a few recommended caterer's in mind that you can trust. Before you make the initial call to the caterer, a few details must already be laid out: How many people do you plan to serve? When and where is the occasion going to be located? What is the purpose of the event?