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Height: 95 Inches

Width: 52 Inches

White Wedding Arbor

Durable, and realistic. No saw dust or bark pieces falling off. No splitting, and NO BUGS! Add that elegant, rustic feel to any birthday or wedding cake. Available Sizes: 13" and 17"

Every elegant occasion needs a classy bread basket to put in front of their guests!

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

Customize your display by adding some side columns for additional beauty. Wedding Trellis Arch, Nickel.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

If you're looking for the perfect candelabra for a Quinceañera (15 year) or a Sweet 16 Candelabra, we have the perfect candelabra for your special occasion. The middle post is optional, so it can be used as a 15 light heart candelabra or a 16-light heart candelabra.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

This is a great looking backdrop that will easily fit two people under it.  Also available in white.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

A Koch Originals classic, our 15 light fan candelabra has been a backdrop to thousands of weddings and events. It is the centerpiece of a background and provides stunning light to set off your design.  Available in white, brass or nickel. 

Rotating Mirror Ball with 2 spotlights. Fun for parties and events.

Add a touch of elegance and class to your wedding, party or special event. 

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

This kneeling bench is part of a pair and is made with the highest quality materials. This kneeling bench will last for years while providing a beautiful backdrop for your weddings and more. You can also use them at the front of your church for prayer. With multiple units, you can make different configurations including side-by-side for a double wide or facing each other. Rent one today from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay!

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

Our most versatile candelabra, this adjustable arm candelabra adjusts to a variety of shapes for a great presentation and extreme flexibility. Most of our floor candelabras have adjusting height, but this one also has adjusting arms. Just loosen the thumbscrews and make a variety of shapes ranging from a slope to an arrow to a V. Alternate candle heights for even more flexibility. Call Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay for pricing and availability.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

The perfect unity candelabra is a great focal point for weddings and is a staple in weddings nationwide. It includes a large drip pan set to hold either a mechanical candle and chimney or a 3" Koch Pillar Candle in the middle and two mechanical candles or tapers on the sides. Call Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay for pricing and availability.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

This spiraling floor candelabra offers magnificent beauty and is one of our most complicated pieces. Its 14 lights can be adjusted to make hundreds of different looks. Call Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay for pricing and availability.

  • Manufacturer: Chauvet Lighting

Rent a Bubble Machine from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay. Perfect for use in a wedding, birthday celebration or any special party or event!

  • Manufacturer: B&C Mortensen

The Empire Series columns feature an ornate design based on ancient Roman architecture. Lightweight and manufactured from durable polyethylene. Perfect for decor for your wedding, wedding reception, party you're hosting or an elegant theme for a birthday party. Available in 8', 6', 4', and 3' sizes. Rental rates are priced per pair. Call for pricing.

Rent this Wedding Arch from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay! You'll not only save money by renting one with us, you'll also add to the beautiful decor you have prepared! Add flowers or linens to complete your look.