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  • UPC: 031009556755
  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 5513721

A regal addition to any glassware collection, the Libbey 3721 Embassy 10.5 oz. banquet goblet is sure to please with its curved silhouette and royal style. Serve your finest cognac, beer, or even iced tea in this beautiful stemmed goblet! Ideal for catered events, restaurant dinner service, and even happy hour at your bar, this short, sleek goblet is perfectly balanced to stand upright on trays and tabletops, resulting in fewer spills. It also features a chip-resistant rim and foot to reduce breakage and cut down on your replacement costs.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 97000

Enjoy the versatility and style of the Libbey Wine Decanter. Whether you use it for wine, juice, or water, guests will appreciate the sophisticated design at your bar, restaurant, or buffet.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 23386

Bring class and sophistication to your beverage with the Libbey NOB HILL® Old Fashioned glass. Great for serving whiskey and other spirits on the rocks at your restaurant, bar, or special event.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 8423

Enjoy delicious margaritas, daiquiris and other great cocktails with the Libbey Fiesta Grande® glass. Perfect for any bar, restaurant, or special occasion.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 8485

Serve martinis, Manhattans, and much more in the Libbey Salud Grande glass. The classic cone-shaped bowl and long stem keeps any coctail cool.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 3769

Serve red or white wines in the Libbey EMBASSY® Wine glass.  This durable glass has an elegant design perfect for any special occasion, event, or even at the bar.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 3766

Enjoy white wines in the Libbey EMBASSY® Wine glass. The one-piece stem offers great durability, ideal for any bar, restaurant, winery, or lounge.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 3777

Enjoy champagne in this Libbey CITATION GOURMET™ Champagne glass and make every occasion memorable.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 8477

This gourmet champagne glass adds class and elegance to your fine dining event.  The tulip design will impress your guests and is perfect for any toast.

This 100 Cup Commercial Coffee Maker features a stainless steel exterior with all metal construction.  This product is ideal for caterers, country clubs, churches, banquet halls and more. Unit features a non-drip faucet, 3 prong grounded plug, and a brew indicator light. NSF Approved.