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The Steam Master has a rugged construction and ensures a decorator can get years of service or you can get ongoing rental revenue. With its built-in step you can stand on the Steam Master to reach the average ceiling height without the need for a step ladder. It features a large capacity tank with on-board storage facilities for the cord set, hose and large steam plate.

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool

This combination unit features the 4203 adjustable position, variable speed base and the 4297-1 1 1/4in. drill motor. The electromagnetic variable speed adjustable base features solid state electronic switching and an 11in. drill travel. 

  • Manufacturer: Garrett Metal Detectors
  • Model Number: Ace 100

Garrett Metal Detector features excellent detection depth, rugged design, and ease of operation. Whether you're hunting for buried treasure, locating buried property markers, or pipes, this Garrett brand detector is an affordable, easy to operate unit that finds items in no time. Offers full-range target discrimination that gives you the freedom to hunt in an all-metal mode, eliminate the objects of your choice from detection or to concentrate on detecting specific items, such as coins, jewelry and other valuables.

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 1800

Bosch makes the world's best-selling professional grinders. Bosch 1800 4-1/2" Angle Grinder provides visible quality from start to finish, whether you are sanding, grinding, or cutting.

  • Manufacturer: Stanley Consumer Tools
  • Model Number: N62FNK-2

Bostitch 15-Gauge Oil-Free Angled Finish Nailer Kit is the world’s first 15ga tool with ultra-quiet rear exhaust to direct air away from the user.  The integrated air blower allows user to clear away debris fromwork surface (patent-pending).

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11245EVS

The 2" SDS-max® Combination Hammer offers the SDS-max® bit system, which consists of tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate.

Please call for pricing.

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11265EVS

The Bosh Spline Rotary Hammer is the BEST performing rotary hammer in its class.  It offers an Unmatched Power to Weight Ratio - 13 Amps, 6.8 ft-lbs Impact energy & 8.1 lbs.

 Please call for pricing.

  • Manufacturer: DeWalt Tools
  • SKU: 767804
  • Model Number: D28715

12" Metal Cutting Chop saw used for cutting any ferrous metals such as rebar, steel studs, pipe, threaded rod, angle iron, etc

Blade sold separately

Note this is a 12" saw.....

  • Manufacturer: Diamond Products

 core bit for stand up and hand held  smaller for hand held larger for stand up


Sizes from  1" -8" 

  • Model Number: MB48

This bull float is made from lightweight magnesium, and is used to level and smooth the surface prior to finishing. Magnesium float.

Includes 3 handles

  • Manufacturer: Makita Power Tools

This table saw with portable stand has a precision machined table top for precision cuts. Adjustable dual side guards allow for ease of measurement from the plade to the rip fence for cutting set ups and the riving knife/spreader adjusts to 3 different positions. The quick release vise for secure stock retention and fast repeated cut-offs and spark diversion guard make this one of the safest cut-off saws available

  • Manufacturer: Makita Power Tools
  • Model Number: 5402NA

This 16 5/16" Circular Saw has a large cutting capacity for beams and timbers and weighs only 32.1 lbs for ease of operation. The Powerful 15 AMP motor delivers enough power to cut through pressure treated lumber. The 7-1/4" Circular Saw is the #1 Contractor Saw preferred by professionals. It has a large cutting capacity and lower guard design which improves performance making bevel cuts

  • Manufacturer: Makita Power Tools
  • Model Number: LS1216LX

Offering the largest Crown Molding cutting capacity in it's class and large adjustable levers for fast and easy fence adjustments, this Compound Miter Saw also has a soft start feature for smooth startups. The exclusive 5-1/2" tall dual sliding fence system features versatile upper and lower fence adjustments for more precise miter and bevel cuts.The see-through blade guard system allows for greater visibility of the line of cut

  • Manufacturer: Makita Power Tools
  • Model Number: 2107FK

This Portable Band Saw has a large 4-3/4" x 4-3/4" cutting capacity with a powerful 6.5 AMP motor for cutting a wide variety of materials. It has dual bearing blade guides and adjustable stopper plate. The blade tightening lever allows for fast and easy blade installation and it accepts a standard 44-7/8" x 1/2" blade


Band blade sold separately

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • Model Number: 6509-22

11 Amp Sawzall Recip Saw


Blades sold separately

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • Model Number: 9070-20

3/4" Square Drive 7 Amp Impact Wrench

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • SKU: 879510
  • Model Number: 6742-20

Drywall Screwdriver 4000

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • SKU: 884270
  • Model Number: 5378-21

1/2" Hammer Drill with Case

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • SKU: 611155
  • Model Number: 3107-6

1/2" Right Angle Drill, 0-335 RPM/0-750 RPM