Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

This kneeling bench is part of a pair and is made with the highest quality materials. This kneeling bench will last for years while providing a beautiful backdrop for your weddings and more. You can also use them at the front of your church for prayer. With multiple units, you can make different configurations including side-by-side for a double wide or facing each other. Rent one today from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay!

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

Our most versatile candelabra, this adjustable arm candelabra adjusts to a variety of shapes for a great presentation and extreme flexibility. Most of our floor candelabras have adjusting height, but this one also has adjusting arms. Just loosen the thumbscrews and make a variety of shapes ranging from a slope to an arrow to a V. Alternate candle heights for even more flexibility. Call Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay for pricing and availability.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

The perfect unity candelabra is a great focal point for weddings and is a staple in weddings nationwide. It includes a large drip pan set to hold either a mechanical candle and chimney or a 3" Koch Pillar Candle in the middle and two mechanical candles or tapers on the sides. Call Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay for pricing and availability.

  • Manufacturer: Koch Originals

This spiraling floor candelabra offers magnificent beauty and is one of our most complicated pieces. Its 14 lights can be adjusted to make hundreds of different looks. Call Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay for pricing and availability.

  • Manufacturer: Chauvet Lighting

Rent a Bubble Machine from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay. Perfect for use in a wedding, birthday celebration or any special party or event!

  • Manufacturer: Caterer's Warehouse / Progressive Pro

This beautiful cake stand is the perfect plateau for your magnificent cake creations, whether it be for a wedding, a bakery or buffet display! It has an ornate pattern that exudes elegance and is truly breathtaking.

  • Manufacturer: Carlisle Food Service Products

Carlisle's Pan Carriers have an exclusive, automatic, self-venting system. Perfect to keep your food nice and hot until it's time to serve. Contact us for availability and pricing.

  • Manufacturer: B&C Mortensen

The Empire Series columns feature an ornate design based on ancient Roman architecture. Lightweight and manufactured from durable polyethylene. Perfect for decor for your wedding, wedding reception, party you're hosting or an elegant theme for a birthday party. Available in 8', 6', 4', and 3' sizes. Rental rates are priced per pair. Call for pricing.

Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay rents customer set up tents in two sizes:

20' x 20' which will seat roughly 40 people & 20' x 30' which will seat roughly 60 people.

These tents are great for a backyard birthday, graduation or barbeque! Easy to setup in as little as 45-60 minutes. 

20' x 20' rents for $103.68 (tax included in price) for the whole weekend

20' x 30' rents for $144.36 (tax included in price) for the whole weekend

Rent this Wedding Arch from Taylor Rental of Tampa Bay! You'll not only save money by renting one with us, you'll also add to the beautiful decor you have prepared! Add flowers or linens to complete your look.

These Florida nights may be chilly, but have no fear! Taylor Rental Tampa Bay has you covered. Rent one of our stainless steel finish outdoor patio heaters to keep you and your party nice and toasty.

Urquid Linen's Spandex Highboy Tablecloth fits a 30" round x 42" highboy table. It's reinforced with elastic foot pockets to ensure it stays in place. This product is machine washable, great for multiple uses and is made in the USA. Available in red, white, blue and black.

  • Manufacturer: Pontrelli Fountain Co.

The Stardust Fountain is our most popular and elaborate beverage fountain. Includes a tower with chains, a decorated collar and a tulip. The beverage travels up to the top, comes out the tulip, trickles down the chains, and out of the nozzles into the bowl. The Stardust Fountain is available in three different sizes - 3 gallon, 5 gallon, and 7 gallon. It is also offered in Nickel, Gold, or Antique decorations. 

This elegant yet comfortable bar chair is perfect for any formal or casual event. It combines comfort, class, and style. It has a solid steel chrome frame, which offers great bar seating and support for every guest. Rent yours today!

  • Model Number: 17366

Tray Stands offer sturdy metal or wooden frames with washable webbing.

Even when wet, the non-slip surface of the Cambro® Camtread® bus tray "grips" onto glasses and dishes to reduce costly breakage and spills.

  • Manufacturer: Oneida

A Sentimental Standard. Amorous and pristine, Chateau is embossed with floral embellishments that creep along the handle's edge, ending at the finely tapered narrow point. With its fiddleback contour and finely balanced composition, Chateau is a timeless pattern.

  • Manufacturer: Caravan Canopy

The Classic® sets the highest standard for all instant canopies. Its heavy duty commercial steel frame features a textured powder coated finish along with a full truss ceiling design. Combining this with a durable polyester fabric canopy top and patented pull pin functioning and the Classic rates as the premier instant canopy to use anywhere. For business or pleasure, the Classic is unmatched for strength, stability and ease of use.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 97000

Enjoy the versatility and style of the Libbey Wine Decanter. Whether you use it for wine, juice, or water, guests will appreciate the sophisticated design at your bar, restaurant, or buffet.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 23386

Bring class and sophistication to your beverage with the Libbey NOB HILL® Old Fashioned glass. Great for serving whiskey and other spirits on the rocks at your restaurant, bar, or special event.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 8423

Enjoy delicious margaritas, daiquiris and other great cocktails with the Libbey Fiesta Grande® glass. Perfect for any bar, restaurant, or special occasion.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 8485

Serve martinis, Manhattans, and much more in the Libbey Salud Grande glass. The classic cone-shaped bowl and long stem keeps any coctail cool.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 3769

Serve red or white wines in the Libbey EMBASSY® Wine glass.  This durable glass has an elegant design perfect for any special occasion, event, or even at the bar.

  • Manufacturer: Libbey
  • Model Number: 3766

Enjoy white wines in the Libbey EMBASSY® Wine glass. The one-piece stem offers great durability, ideal for any bar, restaurant, winery, or lounge.